Meet John Moss

John Moss...
Then and Now...

I have loved photographic art all of my life. I’ve had the privilege of creating images of essence at my studio for over sixteen years. It’s been my passion to bring joy to the people I work with. It can appear that there’s not much behind pushing a flash button and delivering a memory to be treasured for a lifetime. In truth…It’s work and experience that bring you perfect photographic images.


I’ve been fortunate to have graduated from the prestigious Hamilton School of Photography under the directorship of Hank Stein of New York. Lighting, composition, and color are the same in the fine art of the Dutch Masters as in fine photography. It takes a touch that reaches beyond basic skill to light the candle of essence.


My Grandmother and my Mother had the artistic gift passed to me that I present to you. I have the certifications and awards to prove my craftsmanship. I’m hoping I have your confidence to deliver the essential moments in your life in the images I create for you.

Action, business, boudoir, ceremonial, portraiture, leisure or any facet of the human experience you need recorded is what I do.

For special clients, I am available for foreign or domestic travel. Call or Email and let me help you color your life with unforgettable memories!